Tuesday, August 4, 2009

WTF moments…

WTF moments…

One of the reasons that I wanted to keep a blog, is because of all the random thoughts that go through my head. I constantly see things and wonder what the fuck?

Perfect example…

This morning I saw a man putting on deodorant while on the train platform. WTF? This man looked normal enough, sort of your average white guy. He was wearing work appropriate pants they were blue or black I think. A white long sleeved dress shirt that was open, I guess for easy armpit access, with a plain white t shirt (wife beater variety) underneath. As someone who has stood/sat next too many a stinky person while riding on the subway, I appreciate his efforts.

However, I am wondering what would possess someone one to do this at the Union Square train station at the height of morning rush hour. I mean I’ve occasionally forgotten to put deodorant on, but I usually just pick some up at the local Duane Reade and apply it in the privacy of my bathroom stall.

I posted my observation on my face book page and got many interesting responses. Many people concurred that these things only happen to me. I have to agree with that assessment I feel like I am the only person who sees crazy shit. One or two wished for such “excitement”. A friend of mine decided what MUST have happened was the following:

“ He got up and went to put some on but realized it finished yesterday and he forgot to pick some up SO on his way to work today, he stopped at one of those Duane Reade’s that are in or near the train station to buy one. But he didn't want to miss his train so he ran to the platform where he proceeded to administer the daily dose of stank protection!”

Someone else decided that he was well mannered and wise for not being in this hellish weather sans deodorant for more than a minute. They also praised his momma. Another friend of mine wanted to know how that was different than women who apply their make up while on the train. I am guilty of this, so I don’t think it’s the same at all! Arm pits are just disgusting in general. Applying lipstick and applying your speed stick to your hairy pit; are totally different.

I have had many many moments WTF moments:

  • I once saw a women give her self a pedicure. I mean she was going to town, clipping and filing. This was followed by base coat, polish and a top coat.
  • I once saw a man take out his dentures, apply more denture adhesive and place his teeth back in his mouth. If that was not bad enough, he wiped the excess denture goo on a pillar.
  • There was also the guy who flossed his teeth for about 5 minutes and tossed the floss to the ground when he was done.
  • My personal favorite the man that was cleaning his ears, avec a q-tip.
  • On my way out of a store, there were three men who pushed past me to get out first. They literally let the door slam in my face.

    I really could go on…but I won't.

This is how it all went down today:

Social Today: Yes! Lunch with a co-worker.

Mood Today: It ebbed and it flowed.

Food Today: Not too bad. Not really measuring or counting points but I didn’t go crazy.

Menu Today:
Coffee, drop of light cream and some 2%milk and 3 splenda
Oatmeal with raisins and 1 tablespoon of maple syrup.

Cup of chicken noodle soup
½ Turkey wrap (sans condiments)

No clue. (maybe that’s a part of my problem! Lack of planning)

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