Monday, August 10, 2009

Looking Gooooooooooood!

Looking Good!

I know that I am dating myself, but when I was a kid, there was this show Chico and The Man [Chico was portrayed by Freddie Prinze, whose son is Freddie Prinze, Jr.] I don’t remember a whole lot of that show, I was two when it started and six when it went of the air, but what I do remember, besides the fact that it took place in a garage and the Chico lived in a Van in that Garage, especially was the catch phrase. “Looking Goooood!”

I saw this woman today on the subway and she was really Looking Goooood! Really pretty wrap-around dress, Dolce & Gabbana tote, Gucci accessories in said tote, [yeah I peeked] Louis Vuitton sunglasses perched on her head and tasteful diamond studs in her ears. [ I pratically have a fetish for sun glasses] She was wearing Fit Flops but you know that she had the right shoes some where in her tote, or under her desk. You can tell that she had been away recently; maybe today was her first day back, as she had a great tan. I wonder if what she would think if she knew that had taken such an inventory of what she had on this morning. Would she be proud? Scared [That I was a crazy stalker] Is she one of those woman who style comes together with out effort? Or does she work hard at it?

What does it mean to look good? Does it mean that you are a trendy up to date person? Or does it mean that you are a classic dresser? Does looking good just mean neat and clean? I remember working with someone who thought that clothes were silly, or I guess that fashion was silly. I was horrified. While I am no Miranda Priestly or Anna Wintour [I don’t have the time nor the budget] I try really hard to look nice everyday. I love fashion, clothes, makeup and accessories. Ever since I got the BC I have become obsessed with big giant earrings. I’ve always been a shoe person and bags are just pretty! I am a dedicated reader of Vogue and magazines, I’m considering adding Bazaar Magazine as well. I like to think that I do a decent job of looking good. Actually I think I must. I get compliments often. Someone once told me that she looks forward to seeing what I have on everyday. That is gratifying. I remember when Love Of My Life (LOML) a/k/a That Guy (TG) looked at me once and said, "I love the way you dress. You dress your ass off.” You will get to know him later I’m sure, but this meant a lot to me coming from him, a man of very few words. Older Guy with Gay Tendencies (OGWGT) is always complimenting me, “Girl you got style”. In my minds eye I can imagine the type of clothes that I would wear if I was a thinner person. I think I would be Classic-Bohemian-Sophisticated Chic with a nod towards Ethnic-Funkiness in the accessories department. I would wear hats, and big giant rings. I’d be tattoed and pierced!

As a person who is overweight, I don’t think that I have the luxury of looking like a slob. There are days when I wish that I could just put on ratty t-shirt and sweatpants and go out to do what ever it is that I need to do. I see those women on the street sometimes and think I wish I could do it too. Just toss on anything and not give it a second thought. And they seem to make it work. But no I don’t have that luxury. There is nothing worse than a fat person who is not well put together, slovenly looking, or just looking like they have totally given up. So fat or not. I will continue to “dress my ass off”.

How it went down today:
Social Today: There is a plan of dinner in the park with a friend.
Mood Today: Good.
Food Today: Ok I think.
Menu Today:

1 cup of Raisin Bran;
½ cup of 2% milk;
Coffee, drop of light cream and some 2%milk and 2 Splendas
½ chicken wrap with lettuce and tomato;
1cup of chicken noodle soup
No clue. (I know I know I'm working on it!)

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