Monday, February 21, 2011

Beast of Burden...

Everybody has a beast of burden. (I was going to share Beast of Burden---but the words don’t really work with this.) Mine is food. What IS it about Food that makes me so out of control? I suppose if I knew then I wouldn’t be out of control. And knowing me, it wasn’t food it would be something else. So Food it is.

I meant to get to a weight watchers meeting this weekend to speak with my old Leader and ask her to explain this new Points Plus plan. I can’t seem to get it together. But I have been “watching” and I have lost some 6 lbs it looks like so that is good. It’s not enough but I am thankful that my watching has resulted in some activity.

I was reading Olivia’s blog and she has some rewards set up for herself. I was thinking of incorporating that as an incentive for myself. For now I might just use hers and tweak it as I go along. Her ideas are great, but they may not work for me and my lifestyle. Especially that I don’t work out. Yet. I will. But I’m not ready yet. What I really like about her list is that none of it is food related. That would just feed the beast wouldn’t it?

Olivia’s Reward System For First 50 Lbs Lost

5 lbs- new nail polish
10 lbs- treat myself to a movie
15 lbs- new shoes
20 lbs- new purse
25 lbs- new workout clothes
30 lbs- $30 worth of new itunes
35lbs- lovely day trip
40 lbs- new outfit
45 lbs- concert or show
50 lbs- spa day

April’s Reward System For First 50 Lbs Lost

5 lbs: New Nail Polish
10 lbs: New Lipstick
15 lbs: New Cricut Cartridge
20 lbs: Spa Manicure and Pedicure
25 lbs: New Shoes
30 lbs:
35 lbs:
40 lbs: Spa Day
45 lbs:
50 lbs: New Outfit
60 lbs:
70 lbs:
80 lbs: Spa Day
90 lbs:
100 lbs:
120 lbs:
130 lbs:
140 lbs:
150 lbs: Trip! Someplace good. Seriously Good.

I know I'm getting ahead of myself. But I need to spur myself on...

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