Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Losin' the lovin' feelin'...

Coming back from Shrinker man always makes me think. I imagine that that is a good thing. Meh…

This weekend I saw TG (that guy) and I told him what I had been thinking. Our time in the sun has set. (Ha! TV reference who can name it?) Anyway, his first inclination was to ask me, you found someone else? To which I answered truthfully, no. He then asked me why. I tried to explain to him, I just feel second best, and that what we have isn’t good enough. And frankly I’m a little fuzzy about what happened next. Other than we had sex… which entre nous wasn’t what it used to be. I mean it was better than a traffic jam, while having to go to the bathroom and definitely better than the best day at work, but it wasn’t as exciting, wet or juicy as it has been in the past. (Too much? Sor-ry)

Here is my problem. I love him. Or at least I used to love him. But it, he, is just not good enough. (Shrugs) He is still beautiful to look at. He still smells good. I still love his body. Etc Etc. But he is a liar, a cheater, and a good for nothing.

I think that the loving feelin’ is gone, gone, gone. Mostly anyway. I will miss him. But he’s really just no good for me. The hard part will be, making it stick this time.

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