Wednesday, August 18, 2010

I am a bean spiller

I know I’ve been away for a while. Not that it matters. I have been thinking about coming on back, but just haven’t done it. Why not? Same usual reasons I suppose. Not much to say being one. Laziness being another.

Anyway, here is the news of the day. I've gone and done it. The thing I wanted NOT to do... I've gone and told people about this little experiment. I'm not sure how it happened; only that it did. I hoping they didn't really catch or get the name of it, but of course they did.

Today was group therapy, something I actually enjoy...however I'd much rather listen to the other people in my group talk about what's ailing them--as opposed to talk about what's ailing me. But I knew it. I even told my friend, Shrinker man is going to pick on me tonight for sure. And was I right? Uh huh...April on stage. And it wasn't bad, except somehow I said something that one of my co groupies (ha!) found "pithy" and I think something was said about writing or blogging or something, and before you know it, I'm telling them about Less of April.

The question is I suppose, is can I, will I, be honest on the off chance that they will bother? Should I go back and reread posts to make sure I haven't said anything embarrassing about my group members? I don’t think so but I do tend to go on, so maybe I did. Fuck me hard sideways. Well, is it what it is (don’t you hate that saying?)? I spilled the beans.

So read on reader. (Even if you are in my group)

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