Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Day 8/Week 2

Today is Day 8/Week 2

Next week I’m taking my car, Blanche, to the shop for general maintenance. While there I’ll have good old Blanche detailed etc.  This weekend I decided that I should do a little pre cleaning before handing it over to the guys.  You never know what you leave in your car and I don’t want to embarrass myself. I found the usual change, receipts and random umbrella. I also found a few magazines with articles I had been meaning to tear out, but hadn’t.  Most importantly embarrassingly, I found countless McDonald’s ice cream cone wrappers.  Since May or so, I have been going to the Mickey D’s drive through, sometimes as often as twice a day, and “treating myself” to a vanilla cone. I don’t normally get the burgers although I found a few receipts saying that I have.  I don’t know why I love them so much, but I just do. First and second they are tasty and cheap. Thirdly, and I know that I am fooling myself by saying this, but they are under 200 calories per cone.  Sigh. Maybe it is true that a McDonalds ice cream cone is under 200. But that’s only when you have one, and occasionally at that. Not twice a day fat ass.  So summer over, challenge on, ice cream cone banished.  I can eat something that makes sense for 200 calories. Jerk.

Last week was our first week in challenge mode.  I did ok. 4 lbs down. I had a few missteps that annoy me. They were rookie mistakes. When you’ve been overweight more most of your life, you’ve also tried and succeeded.  Point is, I am no ones Rookie.  I got my hair done on Thursday.  I got there at 11 and didn’t leave till 3.  I went there with no snacks and no water. Foolish!  It is a 4 hour visit (Yes, every time). I know how long it takes me when I go, I should have brought food with me.  I didn’t. Instead when I finally had access to food, I shoveled in my mouth so fast and that I’m not sure what I ate. I also was a big slacker on the water. I wanted to do better because, **TMI ALERT:  Cousin Red is coming to visit and I never lose weight that week, EVER. If I’m loosey goosey then I gain for sure. If I’m following my program, I may not gain, but I still won’t lose. It often corrects itself the following week, but it’s always frustrating and threatens to derail me.  

This weekend I really noticed is how fat people eat all the time and stuff that’s bad for them. I had lunch with my friend and her daughter who is about 4.  She picked the place “Planet Wings” so I told her that I didn’t care as long as I could  get a salad. Sure enough, I ordered the salad with grilled chicken and dressing on the side. She ordered the wings, fries and soda for herself and her kid.  I don’t care about the wings so much but , I would be lying to you and myself if said those fries didn't look good.  But I ate my salad and was fine. We went to IKEA right after lunch. When we got there she said she wanted to eat, again. She got a dish of Mac and Cheese and got her kid the chicken nuggets and fries.  I wasn’t hungry (BECAUSE WE HAD JUST EATEN) and got some water.  While on line at the IKEA, she got a chocolate bar.  We went back to her house and she made brownies then proceeded to eat again. This time I did eat, because it was dinner time and I was hungry. (Grilled chicken, grilled veggies and salad. I opted to skip the potato salad and the rice) She often complains about how fat she is and how much she hates it. Listen, I have done the exact same thing, eaten without abandon only to complain about how fat I am. I’m learning that you just can’t have it both ways.

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