Sunday, March 13, 2011

Life sans Facebook and Television...

Life sans Facebook and television is hard. I couldn’t really decide what to give up for Lent, so I gave up both. No Facebook and no TV till Easter. I have not had the burst of creativity or desire to be productive at home, or at work for that matter. But it’s only been 4 days. 36 days left.

So what have been doing? Ummm not too much, I’ve been on the Internet…a lot. I’m not really looking for anything special, I’ve been looking at scrapbooking stuff and looking for and reading other blogs. I stumbled across Steph in the City. I used to read Steph’s blog on MySpace. (Remember MySpace?) Steph recently had a blog that suggested if you want people to read your blog then you have to read other blogs and comment on them. Totally brill Stephanie. So I’ve been doing that. Reading and commenting other blogs. According to my Blogger stats, I’ve gotten more traffic. Not more followers, but more traffic. I’ve also been reading the archives of An American Mom in Paris. Dear, dear MJ, you are hysterical and the antics of the Loosh KILL me. Vous êtes vraiment extraordinaire et votre famille est simplement adorable. What else what else? Ah yes, I’ve also been listening to a lot of NPR. There is a lot of interesting music out there. Yesterday I listened to what I think was Arabic rap. Also the BBC, I love how those Brits speak. Lots of Japan and Libya talk.

While, not going on Facebook has been challenging (While at work, FB is my go to time waster) not watching television has been much harder to do. I live in a house with people who do nothing but watch TV. Further, I realized the moment I get into by bedroom, I turn the TV on. I’ve taken the batteries out of my remote control to try and help myself along.

Last night I toddler-sat while my friend went to see Steve Harvey in concert. [Side bar, I hate that guy. I find him judgmental, not that funny AND a bad dresser]. Anyway, the little guy watches a lot of Nick Jr, and I found myself watching Yo-Gabba Gabba and several other similar shows. BTW, the pink thing on Yo-Gabba Gabba looks like a butt plug and the one eyed orange thing looks like a vibrator. I’m just saying. WTF is up with that?

Does anyone thing I cheated? I hope not, because I feel like I was being punished. This morning I heard my mother (Yes, I live with my parents. No, I didn’t always live with them. Yes, I am also horrified and disgusted by this. Yes, I am working on getting out. Target date is August 2011) watching Sunday morning on CBS. I love that show. They were interviewing Bryan Adams. I hearted Bryan in HS. I still do. To make matters worse, they also interviewed Daniel Radcilffe (Harry Potter). I may not have mentioned this but I am a Harry Potter freak. My ringtone on my phone is the theme to Harry Potter. My screensaver is a scene from the movie, etc. I’m so bummed that I missed it.

I’m not twitching nor am I foaming at the mouth. But it could happen. I think it might.


  1. EEEK, no Facebook 'til Easter? But how will you stalk your exes? :-)

    I'm so glad my advice helped. I hope it gets you lots more readers. I was going to check out An American Mom in Paris's blog, but it's blocked at work. It says it's a Parked Domain, whatever that has to do with anything.

  2. S- Yep no FB till Easter. Exes be damned! (Seriously damn them!) :-) Thanks so much for stopping by Steph. I appreciate it!