Monday, November 5, 2012

Oh Sandy...

Thanks to everyone who emailed me to see if I was ok.  I am just fine, but thank you so much for asking. It means a lot.  

My fair city, the outer boroughs, and parts of Long Island are not as well.  Sandy came, saw, kicked our ass and left us to pick up the pieces.  I cannot believe what I have seen up close and in person.  Trees, telephone and power poles on houses and cars.  Boats that came up out of the ocean and landed in piles all along the Belt Parkway.  Staten Island and Breezy Point, Queens are heart breaking.  Not to mention Long Island.  This has been a horror show.   No one ever thought this could happen in New York.  We all watched in happened during Hurricane Katrina and thought… “…That’s terrible, I’m so glad that I don’t live in a place where that could happen.” Well, it turns out we do.  Is there anyone who thinks that climate change is not an issue?   Somewhere Al Gore is doing the "toldja so" dance.  

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