Thursday, October 4, 2012

Friend Making Tuesday (Thursday)...

So I’ve been around, just actually really busy with work and school.  I’m NOT a good multi-tasker.  As far as how I’ve been doing…meh not so good. Not straight up awful, but if I am to be truthful, I have not been nearly as good as I should or could be.  Believe me when I say, I am working on it each and every day.  But I stumble a lot.  I refuse to give up though.  Apparently our good friend and ring leader Allan, proposed an exercise, he called FMT, or Friend making Tuesday. I know its Thursday, but you’ll be ok. Just read along happily.  We’re to post the following questions as well as the answers on our blogs.  This is all in the name of learning more about each other so I am all in.   

1) I am how many years old, weigh this much, and aspire to weigh this much....
I’m 40; trust me when I tell you, that I think “40” sounds crazy to me. How am I 40? Shouldn't I feel different? Older more mature? I don't. But yeah, I am 40.  How much do I weigh? I have to tell you that I am reluctant to share that part of it with folks. To be honest, I’d almost rather tell you how many guys I’ve blown then tell you how much I weigh. However, we are being honest, and who cares really?  I think as of today, I weigh 272 lbs. I have weighed as much as 300lbs.  I aspire to weigh 150lbs.

2) I am following a great plan, and this is what I do....
I’m currently doing my best to follow the Allan plan. I’m not sure what else to call it. I have changed a few things around, but for the most part I’m following his plan.

3) When faced with a decision of whether to eat something in moderation or abstain, I choose to....
It depends. I find that abstaining is the better option for me. Moderation is an issue for me, in most things. A lot of the time though, I just cave.

4) I am employed as this, or I am not working but used to be this...
I am a fundraiser for a private university. One of many… just another cog in the wheel.

5) I have pets, and they are, named....
I have a cat. Her name is Jasmine. AKA Jazzy AKA Mimi.

6) My favorite snack food is.... and I can eat this many of them....
I love pretzels. I especially love pretzels and cheese. I can eat the bag, while guzzling coke or ginger ale. I also really like cinnamon sugar pita chips. I can plow through that bag as well.

7) I blog because......
I blog because I feel a need to spill my guts to strangers. That’s a part of it, for sure. I also think that I am frustrated writer. Hence the blog. 

There it is. That was fun actually.


  1. #7's my reason as well. Plus I'm pretty convinced I like to see my words on the screen in a "published" format. Sort of like listening to myself talk, but it's easier for others to block out ;)

  2. Amanda, I love that you stopped by and commented, thank you! Yes, there is something satisfying about seeing words that you wrote "published". It's good mental exercise.

  3. How you gonna have multiple names for yo cat hahaha

    really appreciate your honesty, especially bout #1

    1. Dude--- really? You're going to mock my feline? LOL. Yeah weight and age are hard. But go hard or go home, right? Thanks for stopping by!